Kistler Space Systems has the only reusable rocket capable of providing launch services both to deliver cargo to the Space Station and for satellite delivery to LEO and GEO.

Space Express has been selected to provide launch reservations, payload integration services, and general marketing for Kistler Space Systems Inc. The principals of Space Express have been involved in reusable rocket development for over 20 years, and Kistler Space Systems is confident that we can provide you with the resources and help you need to prepare your satellite or cargo for launch.

For Reservations and information, please call us at 1 888 TO SPACE (1 888 867 7223)
or send an email to us at

For more information on the capabilities and design of Kistler’s K1 Rocket, please check their web pages at:

SPACE EXPRESS ® is a division of Telegistics Inc.
As shareholders in Xcor, Kistler Space Systems, Rocketplane Global, Pioneer Rocketplane, and other space launch service companies, we have been working towards providing flights to space for tourists and space station personnel, and cargo and satellite delivery to orbit.
Orital launch reservations are available now with Kistler Space Systems. Flight reservations for personal rides on reusable rocketplanes are available now for Xcor, and flights should begin in 2020 with Xcor if they can get funding necessary to finish their vehicle. Rocketplane Global is presently focused on satellite delivery and is seeking funding for its rocketplane. We hope to be taking reservations in 2018 for satellite launches in 2019.

Space Express is a registered trade mark of Telegistics Inc.