Space Express is a division of Telegistics Inc. Canada.

"Space Express" is a registered Trademark of Telegistics.

Incorporated in 1995, with the purpose of developing reusable, affordable rockets able to carry people to orbit, to the Moon and planets, and eventually to other solar systems. "Tele" is a prefix indicating "far away". "gistics" comes from Logistics - the practice of determining and providing the most efficient method of moving people and things. "Telegistics" then means "Moving things or people far away in an efficient manner". To move people and their goods to space is the prime goal and purpose of Space Express, a division of Telegistics. Another corporate goal is to develop technology to enhance people's lives.

It is our belief that government agencies will never produce vehicles that will be designed to comfortably and affordably carry people to space or the planets anymore than governments have ever developed passenger airplanes. It is simply not their main concern. Governments do work at developing war vehicles, and have developed a lot of technology that is used in present passenger aircraft, but the actual vehicles used in commerce and by most people are commercial developments only.

Telegistics and its founder, John Burgener, have been working with several reusable rocket corporations. We were one of the three original investors in Rotary Rocket in 1997, and we have investments in Pioneer Rocketplane, Rocketplane Global, Kistler Space Systems, and Xcor Aerospace. We strongly encourage anyone interested in traveling to space themselves to support private companies developing reusable rockets. Rotary Rocket is no longer active. We believe that Rocketplane Global and Xcor are the most likely to develop significant rocketplanes for passenger flights of any company that we are aware of. Both Xcor and Kistler are most likely to provide satellite launch services and people and cargo delivery to orbit by reusable rockets sooner than any other company. Kistler has its K1 reusable launch vehicle over 50% complete and should be flying cargo in about 2 years. We note that SpaceX has already developed expendable rockets able to deliver cargo to the space station. As of the present, SpaceX does not have a reusable rocket but they plan to develop one soon. There are many other companies trying to develop reusable rockets such as Armadillo Aerospace and the many who signed up to win the X-Prize. Please consider investing in them all.

Rocketplane Global and Xcor are presently offering passenger flights to space. You can pre-book flights with various companies such as Space Adventures and Incredible Adventures. Each company offers different packages, so consider them all and choose the package that best suits you. We believe in "simple" offers, so when we start booking passenger flights, we will not include training, luxury hotels, ... we assume that you can make your own arrangements for hotels and transportation to the airport. We aim at simple, but exciting rocketplane flights. We invite our customers to be there for the prep and to enjoy the flight. We are also planning to book scientists who want to do micro gravity experiments in flight and who do not want extras other than the flight and their experiment.

For more information, please call John Burgener at 905 823 3535.